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Famous crab cakes recipes available here. Make your very own quickly simply and easily.


Crab Rangoon

This is perfect for a light dinner with an Asian touch. Very basic recipe available for crab rangoon.


Crab Legs How To Cook

 Crab meat in is an up and coming food product that many people are beginning to try. To be specific, Crab legs are being used more and more as appetizers and party food due to its unique and appetizing flavors. As well as this, cooking crab legs is so easy that it only takes you to boil or steam them for a matter of minutes. 

Sometimes crab meat is pricey in comparison to other meats due to many species being over fished such as the King crab lowering availability. One crab though that is not being over fished and is becoming widely popular due to its abundance and value for money is the Snow crab. 'Crab legs how to cook' will go through everything you need to know.

To give a quick over view on a general cooking method, simply start by washing your crab legs to remove any dirt particles. Fill a pot water, and in relation to your dietary aspects, add salt (more or less if you prefer).

Many other people would tend to use seafood seasoning instead as the crab legs themselves are already salty.

Boil the water and throw in the crab-legs, make sure not to cook them for too long. There isn't a great deal of skill in cooking Crab Legscrab legs as you are just heating them. The only thing you don't want to do is over cook them, as you will lose the texture of the meat which is the most important and special feature of any crab dish.

Cooking times will vary depending on the crab legs, such as the King crab which will take longer to cook than the Blue crab. King Crab legs will require boiling for as long as twenty minutes.

A lot of people get their crab legs in frozen form (refer to our partner site, Cook Frozen Crab). If this is the case, you will need to boil for slight longer which could be up to 12 minutes depending on the size of the crab.

Your crab will be cooked once they turn to an orange / red colour. You would still be able to know they are finished by the strong smells they give off upon cooking. A high thought whenever eating crab legs is to squeeze some lemon juice over the top. This will completely transform your dish and can be done with as little as half a lemon.

When you have completed cooking your king crab legs or whatever they may be, dry them on a rack or some paper towels.

Crab legs are best served hot, especially with melted butter and lemon juice, with salt and pepper.

Read up on How to Cook Crab Legs with the many Recipes we have available. You can learn all about the different Crab Species, their Health and Nutrition, and Everything else on Crabs.

Do you consider that preparing crab legs 's is all too difficult? If you're able to boil water then you definitely are simply capable of cooking crab legs swiftly and more importantly, to taste brilliantly!

The miracle option is to make your own food preparation process straightforward, which means this will certainly maintain the actual quality crab leg essence that individuals adore.

You will find unlimited methods to purchase crab legs, nevertheless, generally, the least complicated way will be down at the neighbourhood store in which they'll almost certainly always be frozen and even pre-cooked crab. Make sure you tend not to buy frozen crab legs, which have been permitted to unfreeze since this may wreck the actual freshness as well as the level of quality, consequently lowering your satisfaction on them.

Preparing this kind of sea food may be accomplished in countless approaches, nonetheless, perhaps among the finest and the most suitable for lunch get-togethers is as follows -


1. Take hold of a saucepan and fill up using normal water. Take to the boil after which add in salt to flavour. The legs ought to be put into the actual cooking water and for 8-10 mins approximately, which then needs to be simmered. Take out from the water following this period.

2. Turn on your own cooker to a high heat. Using a baking plate position the actual legs so as they're in series and also pretty parallel to one another, but not coming in contact with each other. Remember to brush on butter, freshly squeezed lemon juice together with your preferred flavouring and abandon inside the cooker for ~14 mins.

The previously mentioned formula has shown to be a genuine audience pleaser with all of sea food enthusiasts, however that being said it's also possible to take into account working with different methods.

Crab Claw


1. Fill in two to three mugs of normal water for the steamer along with one tablespoon of salt. Once the water begins boiling place all of them within the top section of the steamer for ~13 mins.

2. Dish out along with lemon as well as a bit of flavor that you choose. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember to keep it relatively simple.


1. Locate a micro wave dish after which, line using typical kitchen proof paper towels.

2. After that place a number of crab legs around the absorbing paper and place into your micro wave. For ~4 mins, cook at a high temperature.

3. Again, use flavourings of your desire and serve.


How to Cook Crab Legs



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